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Benefits of Learning Karate

You’d be amazed at all of the different benefits you’ll get out of learning karate. Learn more and sign up for classes at American Karate Academy.

The most widespread and popular martial art of the day is karate. Karate can help to strengthen not only your body but also your mind. You’d be amazed at all of the different benefits you’ll get out of learning karate — and we’re here to share them all with you! In today’s blog, we’ll talk about all of the amazing benefits of learning karate, keep reading to learn more.

Full-Body Workout

Learning karate will get your entire body moving, ensuring that you get a full-body workout. All movements in karate use either the legs, arms, or both. Each move is a stylized stance change, kick, or jab that requires power and force, so after a class of quickly swinging your legs up and jabbing your arms, you’ll feel the same burn of a cardio workout session. In addition to learning karate by itself being a workout, you might also start to feel more motivated to get in shape overall as you learn karate. You may notice that your kick doesn’t go very high off the ground, so you may start working on improving your leg strength in order to achieve a high kick one day. With karate, it’s very important that you understand what your workout and strength training goals are so that with each lesson you can push your body above and beyond.

Defend Yourself

If you learn karate, you can use what you learn in the real world, too. Karate can be a great way to defend yourself if you’re ever put in such a terrible situation. While learning karate in the studio, there are safety practices so that nobody will get hurt. However, your sensei will remind you that if you use karate movements at “full force” and with good timing at an attacker in the real world, these movements will hinder and stun your opponent. Keep in mind that some karate movements are more for sport while others will be beneficial in real-world scenarios.

Improve Flexibility

When learning karate, you’ll notice that you’ll become more flexible. As with any good workout, karate utilizes a ton of different muscles in the body, stretching and flexing them over time. Since karate is all about moving your arms and legs, you’ll condition your body to do the movements better each time. Most of your muscles are used when practicing karate, so it’s always good to have a long stretching session before starting the lesson. Over time you’ll notice that the more times you practice that “crane kick”, the higher up your leg will go.

Strengthen Coordination and Reflexes

Learning karate is a really great way to strengthen the relationship between your muscles and your brain. Karate will teach you how to be mindful and aware of your body and the space it takes up. Karate will help to improve your hand-eye coordination since you’ll need to keep your eyes ahead at your opponent, while fulfilling your next movement or strike on them. Since karate was originally a form of combat or defense, it’s also important to be quick and know appropriate counter-movements, which will help strengthen your reflexes over time.

Learn Moral Discipline

Karate is an awesome way to improve your moral discipline in many different ways. Karate is so much more than just a combat technique — it’s learning style is based on a variety of inner disciplinary, mental techniques as well. Your karate sensei will tell you from day one that in order to be successful at fighting with karate, you will need to be confident, focused, and patient. When learning karate, you will develop these skills over time with your class and you’ll see that as your brain gets stronger, your body will too.

Karate Classes At American Karate Academy Miami

Karate can give you all of these benefits and more, including new friendships and a new mentorship. If you live in the Miami area, you’re in luck! You can learn karate from one of the best karate schools and karate masters in the United States. At American Karate Academy, we offer karate classes for everybody of all ages. We even have a Little Dragons program for kids four to six years old. At our martial arts school, you can learn karate but also MMA, kick-boxing, Muay Thai, and more. Ready to reap all of the amazing benefits of learning karate? Contact us today to learn more and sign up for karate classes in Miami.